Saturday, 29 October 2016

Wearables seem to be getting a much of attention in the technology industry, from smart-watches to compact fitness tracker bands, etc. and now some researchers at MIT and Stanford have changed the traditional perception of wearables by developing a petite on-body autonomous robots, tagged “ROVABLES”, which roam around the human body while the wearer goes about their lives.

Rovables, The Tiny Multipurpose Robots.

As I always would say, “With the advent of technology comes ease, speed and service”. Not only has technology driven its stake through the hearts of many disciplines/professions, it has furthered its journey into one area that almost seemed impossible for robots to survive. I MEAN TECHNOLOGY IS NOW LIVE IN THE LEGAL PROFESSION!

ROSS, an artificial intelligence software, is claimed by some researchers in the University College London, the University of Sheffield and the University of Pennsylvania, to have correctly predicted the outcomes of hundreds of cases heard at the European Court of Human Rights. Ross predicted the verdicts to an accuracy of 79%, according to the scientists involved. It gets better, ask ROSS to look up a court ruling from 15 years ago, and not only will ROSS search for the case in an instant, but it will offer opinions in understandable language about the old ruling's relevance to the case at hand.

The super-legal assistant uses IBM Watson to wade through huge amounts of legal data and, over time, learn how to best serve its users.

Andrew Arruda, CEO and co-founder of ROSS said to Tech Insider that “The challenge in building ROSS was finding a way to make it as intuitive as an actual colleague. That meant programming it to respond to people's normal manner of speaking, not just keyword-loaded fragments.”

Recently, ROSS was hired by a law firm Baker & Hostetler, which deals with bankruptcy cases and is increasingly being sought after by many law firms in order to help them wade through huge amounts of legal data.

Dr Nikolaos Aletras, who led the study at UCL, stated that "There is a lot of hype about ROSS but we do not see it replacing judges or lawyers any time soon. What we do think is they would find it useful for rapidly identifying patterns in cases that lead to certain outcomes".

In my view, using ROSS could be a big less stressful and timesaver, but sole reliance on it may be verily dangerous and detrimental to the case, because ROSS is only equipped with the prowess to make a good guess without direct appreciation of the wider context outside of its training data and experience - ROSS can only make a good guess in relation to the data available to it, but as you may know, Law/Legal situation is more complex and wider than that. However, this is a welcome innovation for the Legal profession as the dispensation of justice will be done with prompt.

Welcome Ross, The Smart Robot LEGAL ASSISTANT.

AppsAfrica, a leading pan-African technology news portal and advisory service, has released the names of the best in mobile and tech startups from over 20 African countries who made it to the finals in the 2016 Innovation Awards.

This year's turnout is verily impressive that over 190 startups from 25 African countries responded to AppsAfrica’s call for submissions. Andrew Fassnidge, founder of AppsAfrica, says, “We are delighted with the huge response building on 2015 and this year’s finalists represent North, South, East and West Africa, which is testament to innovation happening across the continent.”

Below are the 44 finalists for the 2016 AppsAfrica Innovation Awards –

Social Impact Award:- "ABALOBI" from South Africa, "MEDTRUCKS" from Morocco,  "AGRILEDGER" from Kenya, "ASK WITHOUT SHAME" from Uganda, and lastly  "WORLDREADER" from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Best Social & Messaging Award:- "PELICHAT" from South Africa, "LOGISA" from Tanzania, "JONGLA" from Nigeria, "MOBILE" from South Africa, and lastly  "DOKITA EYES" from Togo.

Women In Tech Award:- Sayu Abend of
"SPACEPOINTE" from Nigeria, Ruth Nabembezi – "ASK WITHOUT SHAME" from Uganda, Faraja Nyalandu of "SHULE DIRECT" from Tanzania, Emma Margetts of "ALPHA EXCHANGE" (Global), and lastly Genevieve Leveille of "AGRILEDGER" from Kenya.

Disruptive Innovation Award:- "DOMESTLY" from South Africa, "FLUTTERWAVE" from Nigeria, "BOTTLES APP" from South Africa, "OPERA MAX" from Africa, and lastly "FLARE" from Kenya.

Best African App Award:- "ZYNAR" from Africa, "SPACEPOINTE" from Nigeria, "SLIIDE AIRTIME" from Nigeria, and lastly "VULA MOBILE" from South Africa.

Enterprise Solution Award:- "KASI INSIGHTS" from Cameroon, "FLUTTERWAVE" from Nigeria, "ALPHA EXCHANGE" from South Africa, and lastly "SAUTI" from Africa.

News & Entertainment Award:- "KOSHK COMICS" from Egypt, "BATTABOX" from Nigeria, "SUPER ANIMALS AR APP" from South Africa, "VODACOM VIDEO PLAY" from South Africa, and lastly "GLO TWITTER VOICE" from Nigeria.

Educational Award:- "TUTERIA" from Nigeria, "MWABU" from Zambia, "SHULE DIRECT" from  Tanzania, "ENEZA EDUCATION" from Kenya, and lastly "XANDER Apps" South Africa.

Fintech Award:- "BITPESA" from Africa, "LAKT" from Kenya, "MONET" from  Cameroon, "PIGGYBANKNG" from Nigeria, and lastly "STANDARD BANK" from South Africa.

Brand On Mobile Award:- "PURLIEU" from  Ghana, "LAFRICAMOBILE" from Senegal, "MOBI HUNTER" from South Africa, and lastly " VOUCHERCLOUD" from South Africa.

Winners will be announced on November 14, 2016.

Finalists For The 2016 AppsAfrica Innovation Award.

LeEco Le Pro3

This smartphone will make you wish you never bought an iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S7... And more capable to compete with the Google Pixels.

High-end Specs; Cheaper Price - LeEco Le Pro3 Ecophone.

What more can you say when the plans of your opponents to outshine you now leads to your increment?
What more can you say when the plans of your opponents to outshine you now leads to your increment?

In a race to overthrow the phone making business and to beat Apple Inc., iPhone 7 with its latest flagship (Galaxy Note 7), Samsung has indirectly turned to a blessing for its close competitor, by adding to the list of iPhone 7 consumers in this year, and probably for years to come.

Samsung Blesses Apple Inc. With 5-7million Switchers.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Just after our minds have been watered with new innovations from Apple Inc., from the Apple Nike Watch +, to the iPhone 7 and 7plus, Apple has officially chosen to let the cat out of the bag and has sent out invites for an event to unveil its Mac products on October 27, to take place at its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Watchout For The Latest MacBook To Be Unveiled On October 27.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has to its credits the most popular smartphone in 2016, cutting across many fields, from aviation (wherein airlines have banned it from being transported), to the gameworld (wherein its prowess was mimicked), etc., and now to Politics.

President Obama Jokingly Latches Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It seems the latest flagship smartphones unveiled in September have jointly and severally chosen to tarnish the image of their makers.

What Is Wrong With These "7" Flagship Smartphones?

Did you know that India is the biggest technology consumers market in the world?

India, The Biggest Tech Consumers Market In The World.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Uber, one of the world's largest ride-hailing services, soon plans to be overthrown by robots.

Uber To Soon Transform Into A Robotics Company.

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